Business Continuity Planning


Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning provides a road map for continuing operations under adverse conditions. It ensures that critical business functions continue to our clients, supply chain partners, regulatory organizations and other entities during times of emergency, crisis or disaster. These plans are designed for the clients’ specific needs by our certified experts with decades of experience.

A well-executed Business Continuity Plan guides businesses in cases of extreme weather events, cyber-attacks, active shooters, transportation issues, communication issues, power issues, social media attacks, terrorism, civil penalties, product recalls, workplace violence, healthcare/long-term care issues, legal issues, and corporate malfeasance.

Business Continuity Plans are available in two plans: Standard Preparedness Recovery Plans for small to mid-sized businesses and Enterprise Preparedness Recovery Plans for the SMB market (Small to Medium Businesses) as well as for large businesses with a larger geographic footprint. Plans are stored and accessible on a user friendly and cost-effective application that is accessible to all key stakeholders and follow the ISO Standard 22301 regulations.

Our consultants also advise in Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Communication, Table Top Exercises, Vendor Management, Cyber Response, Weather Events.

Client Testimonials

“In the Greater New York region, the busiest chapter of ARC in the US, we respond to an average of six disasters a day (typically fires, floods, building collapses and building vacates) serving a population over 13 million throughout 13 counties of the NYC metropolitan area and Lower Hudson River region. Your firm helped provide opportunities for training and exposure to benefit the ARC with regards to his high-level relationships with city, county, state, federal and non-government agencies. This type of benevolence should serve as a model for all companies as the possibilities of disaster – of all kinds – increases every single day and the need to respond becomes more and more heightened. We truly appreciate this firm’s dedication.” – American Red Cross of Greater New York

“We basically followed the principles and guidance for your disaster planning resources and relocated our business to a much safer location that would not be in the targeted Hurricane Sandy landfall area, and we did well. Thanks for your support and the terrific performance of your team and solutions when it counted the most!” – Crossroads Premier Insurance

“Our firm sets high standards for ourselves and our subcontractors with regards to safety training,education and other means of preparing for the eventuality of unforeseen events. The inception of Business Continuity programs reaches into all areas of L.F. Driscoll and their key suppliers. The Business Continuity Planning services have resulted in a quality product that has more than met our expectations.” - LF Driscoll, Construction Managers, Builders