Disaster Recovery Planning


Disaster Recovery Planning

Both natural and man-made disasters have the potential to damage or destroy property. Knowing the potential risks, anticipating them, and being properly prepared before, during and after a disaster could mean the difference between the total loss of a resource and limiting or eliminating the resulting damage.

We work with businesses to create Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure that business systems, telecom and records are recovered following an emergency, crisis or disaster. Plans are designed for specific needs by our certified experts with decades of experience.

A well-executed Disaster Recovery Plan recovers businesses in cases of extreme weather events, cyber-attacks, active shooters, transportation issues, communication issues, power issues, social media attacks, terrorism, civil penalties, product recalls, workplace violence, healthcare or long-term care issues, legal issues, corporate malfeasance.

The pre-disaster plan will streamline the process in the event of any disaster undertaking. This pre-disaster determination may be crucial in how the resources are managed when significant damage is incurred as the result of a disaster. Prior planning or organization will provide pre-disaster documentation of the qualified resources to ensure a proper evaluation in any regulatory process impacting the resource, including the factoring of potential repair costs.

Plans are stored and accessible on a user friendly and cost-effective application that is accessible to all key stakeholders and follow the ISO Standard 22301 regulations.

Our consultants also advise in Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Communication, Table Top Exercises, Vendor Management, Cyber Response, Weather Events.