In Case Of Crisis App


In Case of Crisis App:
One All-Encompassing Digital Platform

The In Case of Crisis app enables you to instantly access all information related to your plans and communicate with your entire team at any given moment.

Check procedures and guidelines. Report an incident. Send an emergency alert. All the tools you need to make your teams operational 24/7 are located on one all-inclusive digital platform:

  • Disaster recovery system
  • Interactive content
  • Tap and call feature
  • Push notifications to your entire team
  • Remote wipe to protect your assets

Interactive Functions, Seamless Solutions

With the app, you can transform interactive content, like diagrams, tables, maps and URLs, into a branded playbook, linking them to important company resources. And when you need to quickly contact your team or report a claim, all it takes is a simple tap of a finger.

Getting Started Is Easy

To get you up and running as fast as possible, we provide setup and online training. And whatever your needs, we offer ongoing support every step of the way.