Virtual Asset Manager


Virtual Asset Manager:
A Revolutionary 3D Experience

Virtual Asset Manager is an immersive virtual tour of your property that logs the exact locations of your assets every second of the day, so you have immediate access to vital information in a crisis.

With intelligent interactive tags, you can link important documentation to particular assets and view PDF files right on the platform. Or, multimedia files can be embedded to play videos or display more detailed photographs.

Features Include:
  • 3D structured light cameras
  • 3D laser scanning - LIDAR (terrestrial, mobile, robotic)
  • Drone photography and 3D imaging
  • Other 3D measurement technologies
  • Customized applications
Enhanced Property Tours and Inspections

Our experts will inspect your property thoroughly and provide customized 2D floor plans to include any key features you'd like, such as evacuation routes, sheltering from severe weather, fire suppression systems or cleanup plans.

With more than 40 years and 200,000,000 square feet of combined experience in 3D immersive reality technologies and product/software development, our national network of professionals and trained techs are ready to cover any job, anywhere, any time.

3D Model - 2D Floor Plans - Evacuation Routes